Travel Photography Tips

Travel Photography Tips

Taking pictures while traveling is always fun! You get to see so many different things and capture so many moments. I will be doing some traveling throughout my career as a photographer and will be sure to blog about my experiences. As well as post a gallery of pictures from my trip to wherever. Travel Photography is a great way to expand your horizons and be more creative with your images. Below I will go over some Travel Photography Tips that will help you on your trips.

Landscape photograph


  1. Getting the best lighting: Make sure you wake up early and stay up late especially during the Golden Hour. As talked about in my last blog, the golden hour is the time during the day where lighting is best. The Golden Hour occurs during the within the first hour of light after the sun rises. This also occurs during the last hour before the sun sets, creating a soft/warm light. Make sure your there early enough so you get the best shot. These times are the most ideal for the best lighting.


  1. Know your surroundings: While planning your trip it is a good idea to do some research on the place you’re going. Look for a few nice areas around that would be great photo spots, whether it would be a landscape, a unique town/city, etc. The different places you could go are endless, find a few and take as much as you can, and be creative. Being prepared beforehand with research saves you time so you can produce great travel images.


  1. Be Social: Make sure you talk to the people around you. You might learn something new and even make a friend. Spend a few minutes talking and even try to get a portrait of them “with their permission”. This creates a mood to your image and tells a story about the culture, what it is like there, what this picture means to you etc. The more you talk to different people the more comfortable you will be. Doing this will help you with your social skills as well. While talking with them, be sure to ask what are the biggest attractions in the area. Having an image of someone in their daily routine, their culture tells a story in your image and creates a mood as well.


  1. Shoot in Manual Mode: Adjust the cameras ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  If you want the best images, you should know what to look for when adjusting. Being able to manually adjust your aperture, you will have more control over the depth of field. While controlling the shutter speed, you will capture motion in a lot of creative ways. With the ISO you will be reducing noise in your images. This also allows you to deal with different lighting situations better.


  1. Always Bring your Camera: You should be ready for anything, and always have your camera by your side. You might miss a great photo opportunity and might not get it again if you don’t bring your camera. Maybe you are out for a walk, or going to eat and you stumble upon something rare, or a performance in the area. You should be ready to take that picture whatever it may be. Make sure you also backup your images as well on a drive.


I hope these Tips for Travel Photography will help you in your travels. Post dome of your pictures below of some of your travel favorite photographs! I will have more Travel Photography Blogs coming soon!

Happy Shooting!