Photographing During The “Golden Hour”

The Golden Hour

Sunset (Golden Hour)

What is that?

For Photographers the “golden hour” is the time during the day where the lighting is at its best. Lighting is very crucial when taking photographs, it either makes the image look creative and creates a mood. Or it can make your image look blown out and your subject will look like they are in the middle of a snowstorm.

It is difficult to use artificial lighting outside, so we are relying on natural light for our subject. With the right amount of light, your pictures will look even more beautiful. When is the Golden Hour you may ask? Well, it is within the first hour of light after the sun rises, and the last hour of light before the sun is setting. The sun is low creating a soft light which is more complementary than glaring on your subject.

You can use this for any outdoor session, it will create a soft tone to your images. One way you can calculate the times for this is the golden hour calculator. Using this will produce accurate times for you. To use this calculator click on this link. Calculator



Use a tripod for your shots, and turn your ISO to a lower setting. Also using a longer exposure will help with your shots. Allow yourself to have enough setup time before taking pictures of your subject. When this hour starts, it happens quickly, so make sure you are prepared beforehand so you don’t miss your shot. Light changes very quickly, and your shots will look different even within a few minutes. So, be sure you are shooting consistently and are staying the whole time not just for a few shots.  If you’re going early, be sure you go an hour or earlier so you don’t miss anything. Using these tips when shooting during the golden hour will make a big difference in your photographs. Give it a try! Post below some of your pictures you have taken from the golden hour.