Reasons you need a Photography Contract

Reasons you need a Photography Contract


Contracts are important to have in a business, it makes the client more comfortable knowing everything you talked about is on paper so there is no confusion. It’s also very professional to have one, even if it’s for a small photo shoot you need to have one.


Reasons you must have a contract:

  1. Clients Confidence Goes Up:

Like I stated above, the client will feel a lot better about hiring you if you provide an organized well written contract. This builds the relationships with you and your client because you look professional, and they see everything they are agreeing to. Clients also feel more protected as well as the photographer.


  1. Outlines Expectations and Prevents Miscommunications:

Having a written document outlines all of the expectations for the client as well as the photographer. The client then knows what to expect during the photo shoot and understands the price (what all is included in the price, what the package includes, if they want to write notes) and so on. All of this needs to be in the Contract so that there are no miscommunications, and everyone is on the same page. You as the photographer need to make sure you include everything in a Contract and leave nothing out. Make sure you are explaining the price of the package and they understand what all is going into the price. Include a travel fee section, editing, client info, notes, other prices if needed, etc. You can click on the link below with all the information you need to create your photography contract. This website shows you everything that needs to be included.


  1. It’s The Law:

The law requires you to have a contract for your clients. You must under Federal Law transfer copyright/ownership of your images, this must be in writing. Having a contract and including copyrights and even a photo release will save you of any situations. Make sure again that you include everything in your contracts and don’t leave anything out. If there ever is a situation, and you have a contract showing everything you and your client agreed to then you should be safe. If you didn’t have a contract, then it wouldn’t go so well.


  1. Having Multiple Contracts:

There are many types of photography that is offered, so having multiple contracts will help since they are all different and include different things. For example, say you do Weddings, Portraits, and Events. You would want to have different contracts for each of those as well as the packages you offer. Having everything written down is very beneficial to you as well as the client.