Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Powerful Black & White Images

Creating Powerful Black and White Images


Below is a Photoshop Tutorial on how to create a powerful Black and White Image. Please feel free to leave a comment below or any questions you may have. Enjoy the tutorial!

Some people choose Black and White for an image because there are no distractions from color taking their focus away from the subject. But, there can be good in adding color to a black and white image like the one above. In this photograph the subject is looking into the camera, to you immediately look at his expressions, eyes, and the shadows, right? If you add color to the eyes of the subject the image pops more adn creates a different mood to the image. I will show below an image with Black and White and no color in the eyes, and one with color. You should notice a difference in both images. One is all Black and White and is a more dramatic picture. Whereas the other shows color in the eyes, catching the viewers attention and creating a mood while still being dramatic.


Before effect                  After effect


Tips for getting this effect:

  1. Try to take this picture with a green background (explained in the video.)
  2. Make sure you are selecting the right areas of what you want to be black and white, and what you want in color.
  3. Don’t make the lighting too bright or too dark. This will lead to your image looking grainy and flat.
  4. Be sure to use good lighting patterns, so it sets the mood for your image. Look for shadows on the subjects face as well. Make it pop out and have a dramatic look to it.
  5. Pay attention to lines, shadows, and shapes on the face of your subject.
  6. Pay attention to noise as well in your image.
  7. Portraits look more vibrant in black and white, without a lot of disruptive colors, the expression and personality of the person give the image a mood.  Choosing Black and white shows the expressions of the individual and tells a story.