How I got started with Photography


Self Portrait (Wedding)


I started to become interested in photography during my Sophomore year in High School at Derry Area Senior High. They had a program that taught photography courses at EWCTC (Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center) So, I tried it out and I knew from the first week of classes that this was something I would enjoy doing and make a career out of it. During my time at EWCTC, there was a job offer that was brought to the classes attention and myself and one other student chose to go for an interview that week and started going into the field. Most of the pictures we took were from sporting events and it was such a great experience!


I graduated from Derry Area and EWCTC in 2014 with High Honors and was accepted into Westmoreland County College for my Associates Degree in Photography/Multimedia. I have met so many amazing photographers in my classes at WCCC and so many great friends throughout my years there as well. The professors made my time there such a memorable experience and helped me get better as a photographer. My last semester at WCCC I took an Internship with Fineline Multimedia and they have shown me so much and helped me improve in the field. I really liked the hands-on experiences and being in the field gaining more confidence as I move forward in my career. I’ve done so many weddings with Fineline and I couldn’t be happier with choosing this business as my internship.  I’m so grateful for all of the experience I have gained throughout the years and can’t wait to see what the future brings.